Points of Interest Illustration

Illustration for OpenTable


Working with the OpenTable Brand Design Team, I helped contributed an illustration as part of new "Hot Spot" feature on OpenTable's web platform.  


OpenTable was in process of releasing a new feature which showcased restaurants based on points of interest (i.e. shopping areas, train stations, hotel/lodging, museums, etc.) on their web platform and wanted illustrations based each point of interest location. I was brought in to create an illustration for the university/institution section.


The project already had a define illustration style and color palette because it was an on-going project prior before I was brought in to work for OpenTable. Hence, my responsibility was to create an illustration with the same style as the designer who was the owner of the project and make sure it was cohesive with the established look and feel of the already completed illustrations.  

Initial Concept Exploration A

Initial Concept Exploration B

Initial Concept Exploration B

Initial Concept Exploration C

Final Released Illustration