Meet Ng Jenny

Hello I'm Jenny, a visual/UX designer and illustrator currently based in San Francisco. 

I came up with Meet Ng Jenny because:

  • The domain is already taken
  • My last name Ng has no vowels and a lot of people get confused on how to pronounce it.
    (Imagine there's an invisible i or e before Ng)

Was once an aspiring interpreter/translator now turned full-time designer that meanders between the digital and physical realm of design. I believe user experience should not end, be limited, or confined to strictly one discipline. As a designer my ultimate goal and passion is to be storyteller that emphasizes and hopefully creates an unforgettable and delightful to all users. 

Besides designing/illustration I love photography, traveling, learning new languages, and collecting (borderline hoarder) of uniquely designed print work (books, magazine, stationary, packaging etc.).

Feel free to reach out for tea, juice, or we can grab anything yummy! (I'm always up for a new adventure and trying something new!) 

Interested to learn more? Click here to download my résumé.