Lucky 7 Class of 11 Swag

Pop-Up Card, Pencil Pouch, Pin

Illustration, Typography, Paper Craft, DIY


Commissioned project to design and create a thank you swag package



Soka University of America's 2011 Class Reps, Jayson Chang and Anri Tanabe, approached me to create a thank you package to send to the people who submitted to their final newsletter as class reps. 

Due to the limited run and budget, it wasn't feasible find a print vendor to produce the items. Hence I decided to not only design all the swag but handcraft majority of items. The swag included pop-up card, pencil pouch, and handmade pin.   


Supplies: Various Cardstock Colors, Gold Embossing Power, VersaMark Pigment Inkpad (Clear), Thread, Glue Dot Runner, Foam Dot, Spray Adhesive
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Cricut Explore Machine, Heat Gun

When approached with this project, I knew I didn't want to just make a traditional card. Since this project had some meaningful significance to the Class of 2011, I wanted to create a card to be a surprise and create delight for the recipients. 

For the design of the card I wanted to keep it simple while still incorporating a sense of school spirit and a personalize touch that's reflective of the Class of 2011. Thus, I used Soka's school colors as the base of the card, designed a lion (the school's mascot), and used 2011's unofficial logo as the emblem for the card.  

Initial sketches for the pop-up card

Initial sketches for the pop-up card

Illustrations I created for the card

Illustrations I created for the card

Once I finalized the illustrations, I used a Cricut machine to cut out all the assets before hand assembling all the card, including a hand lettered custom envelope and heat embossed a "For You" sentiment on the back envelope flap.  

Pop-Up Card In Action


Supplies: Iron-On Vinyl (Gold), Canvas Pencil Pouch (Navy)
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Cricut Explore Machine, Cricut EasyPress

In addition to the pop-up card, I wanted to create a custom swag for each individual recipient. After discussing with the Class Reps, we decided on sending pencil pouches with the phrase Stay Epic, a nod to a catchphrase 2011 would use as seniors. 

I designed the typographic layout and used a Cricut machine to cut the gold iron-on vinyl and I ironed each pencil pouch with the phrase and on the back the name of each recipient.   


Supplies: Tie Tacks Blank Pins, Printable Shrink Film (White), White Cardstock, E6000 glue, Acrylic Coating Spray (Clear) 
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Inkjet Printer, Toaster Oven

As a bonus gift, I used Class of 2011's unofficial logo and created a pin with a personalized pin backing.


Overall, the project took a total of about a week from concept, design, prototyping (pop-up card) to final production. This does not include the amount of time spent sourcing and gathering all the materials. It was a rare opportunity to hand-craft such a large order of products. Most projects I work on is either digital or once the design is finished I would just send to a vendor for production. Rarely do I get to be so involved and be part of the process from beginning to end. It definitely had its ups and down, I was not only the designer but majority of the time also the only person assembling the cards, weeding/ironing the vinyl onto the pouches, and printing/baking/assembling all the pins. However, I'm pretty satisfied at how everything came together and hope all the recipients enjoy their gifts as much as I had designing and making them.