Keaton Row Web Experience Redesign

Reimagining the personal stylist digital expereince

Role: User Experience & Visual Design, Prototype (InVision)

A 2-week collaborative project with Geoffrey Zabell for Keaton Row, an online personal stylist service to redesign the stylist and client relationship.




Keaton Row initially approached us with redesigning their LookBook, a digital book which a Stylist would send to their Clients. A LookBook would contain suggested items personally selected by the Stylist and would be selected according to their Client's profile. However, early on my team learned through interviews with both Stylist and Clients, LookBook was important but was not needed immediate attention but rather the Stylist and Client relationship. 

Direct Quotes From Interviews

Survey Findings


With the approval from our client, we had to explore what about the Stylist and Client relationship that needed to be improved. We went through the current user flows for both the Client and Stylist to find which part of the flows both users interact and from there broke down what works and what needed to be improved. 


Once we outlined out the user flows for the Client and Stylist, to create and elevate the client-stylist relation the focus had to happen in the are which both Stylist and Client interact— conversation and collaboration. Knowing conversation and collaboration was the key factor for building a Client and Stylist relationship, both my partner and I went back to our research to figure what aspects of Keaton Row was important to the Client and Stylist. 

Features/Wireframe Sketch

We focus on three key feature with the motto Keep It Simple:

  1. Chat w/Outfit 
  2. Lookbook
  3. Wardrobe 
  4. Moodboard (optional)


It was clear for our initial prototype and wireframes, we could not just focus on one user flow. Since our focus was based upon conversation and collaboration we had to empathize and create a full experience from both client and stylist perspectives.

In our paper prototype testing, a lot of our user feedback was about wanting more transparency and having the same view as Client/Stylist. People want it to be about the visuals, but more importantly inspire them to shop.


After getting user feedback from our paper prototype, it was back to the drawing board and refining our wireframes for the prototype and creating a visual mockup that fits the Keaton Row branding.

Rough sketches for wireframe/visual mockup 



Due to the limited amount of time a lot of the ideas couldn't make it into the client presentation, however, were address in our final deliverables. 2-weeks truly went by quickly but I gained a lot of insight on working with client and in a team but also the full spectrum of the UX process and design.