Aeris Illustration

Illustration for KNOX


Illustrate the gamification part of Aeris, a portable spirometer/app for children by KNOX, a San Francisco based medical startup.


KNOX is a San Francisco based medical startup and is launching their first product, Aeris, a portable spirometer for children to track lung health and prevent asthma symptoms. To supplement the spirometer, an app is used to track the lung health of the child. My role was specifically focused on the gamification part of the app. The child would be traveling the world through a hot air balloon and to get to the next level they need to break through the atmosphere. While the child is playing the game it is also acting as a breathing test to check for asthmatic symptoms.  


When I first met with KNOX, they didn't have a defined style of illustration and a rough concept for the gamification aspect of the app. Working with the KNOX team, I help them identify the style and direction of the illustration. The KNOX team wanted the main focus to be the hot air balloon and a scenic illustration that the hot air balloon would travel through. Although not the main focus of the app, I also helped conceptualize a secondary aspect of the gamification experience through a "destination postcard".  The "destination postcard" would be learning aspect of Aeris that KNOX would like to further develop in the future.  

Hot Air Balloon Exploration

Color Exploration

Scenic Illustration Exploration

Postcard Concept Illustration


Cropped View of Scenic Illustration

Cropped View of Scenic Illustration

Cropped View of Scenic Illustration

Full Scene Deliverable

Exploration of Destination Illustration

Destination Postcard Deliverable


Since the focus my role was specific aspect of the app, there was definitely a lot more room to grow and expand as Aeris builds upon their app. Even though my role was more illustrator focused, a lot of UX issues came up as I was thinking about the flow and design of the game. 

Due to the scope and limited time frame, I hope it gave KNOX a good foundation to build upon. Next steps would definitely be how to build upon the illustration for more destinations and connecting the game and learning aspect of Aeris.